Oct 31

Kylie Worthy
Kylie Worthy @ ManoJob.com
Hello Boys. My name is Kylie Worthy, and today I am giving a seminar called The Art of the Handjob. It’s a hands-on class, and as I instruct today I’ll use an 11 inch dick to illustrate my techniques. I go over various stroke methods, as well as proper handling of the penis and what to do as it unloads a massive wad. I think you’ll love my class. You’ll note, too, that during the cum shot lesson our dick does, indeed, drop about a gallon of cum all over my MILF titties. He got it on my face, too. And all over my arms, hands, and legs. I should have probably had a post-pop clean up lesson, too…but I’m sure your gal already knows about that! HAHA – XOXO – Kylie

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Oct 30

Alexa, Again!Alexa, Again!
Alexa, Again! @ ManoJob.com
Well guys, I’m back. Let’s see…if I’m not mistaken, last time a jacked off a guy who was hung like a horse. He was my patient on the massage table, and I was the LMT. Today I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of my LMT outfit, I put on something hot and sexy. Then, I played with my sopping wet snatch before jerking off another donkey dick. Where do the Manojob guys find all these enormous dicks for the girls to jerk off? I mean really! It’s amazing! What’s even more amazing is the load this dude popped off. Giant! All over the place! And in my EAR! That’s right…I got an EARFUL of LOAD. HAHA. Hot, huh? I know you’re gonna love it! XOXO – Alexa
Alexa, Again!Alexa, Again!

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Oct 29

Dicksucker 066: Kitty
Dicksucker 066: Kitty @ TheDickSuckers.com
Kitty is our newest Dicksucker. She’s a little Asian girl with a big wet mouth and a bigger, wet pussy. Today she talks like a filthy whore directly to you while she sucks a stranger’s dick. She met the guy only minutes before walking on set. Wait till you hear some of her dicksucking stories! Amazing…really. I mean where were these girls when I was growing up?! Watch Kitty blow this guy until he blows right on her face! If you’re into little Asian playtoys, you’re gonna have a blast with Kitty!

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Oct 29

Gianna @ ManoJob.com
Dear Manojob Member:

My name is Gianna, and today I stroke off a dick for your viewing pleasure. You might have seen some of my work. I’m all over the place! Anyway, today at Manojob I talk dirty to you, and then I play with my pussy before the stunt cock walks on set. I jerk it, and, since my natural tits are so huge, I go ahead and tit fuck that dick, too. I mean I know this is a handjob site, but I love it when a rock hard dick is fucking my huge tits. Did I mention my tits don’t have a drop of silicone in them? 🙂 Wait till you see them covered with man milk!

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Oct 28

Janice JamesJanice James
Janice James @ ManoJob.com
This is a true story: super-slut Lisa Sparxxx was hanging around the Manojob studios with a member of her family — her niece! Lisa had a scene to shoot, and her lil’ niece, Janice James, had nothing to do. We propositioned her with Lisa present, and then next thing you know Manojob.com scores huge with naughty first-time video gal Janice. She’s so girl-next-store it’s sick. Get this – she’s on a moral ethics scholarship in college, too. How much crazier does it get? Watch as she strokes off a total stranger until he blows his load right in her face! We can almost bet you’ll never see her on camera again…but with Lisa Sparxxx in the family, who knows!
Janice JamesJanice James

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Oct 27

Satine Phoenix
Satine Phoenix @ ManoJob.com
Hey Guys! I’m here to jerk a dick off using my smooth, silky hands. I’m Satine Phoenix, and I used to be a fetish model, until I came down south to Los Angeles. Now I’m a porn girl! And I love stroking dicks. Today I jerk a big one alright. Directly into the palm of my hand. All while talking dirty to you! Once I have the puddle of cum in the palm of my hand, I play with it. Sticky, gooey! HAHA. You’re gonna love this update! 🙂 XOXO – Satine

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Oct 26

Dicksucker 064: Samantha SinnDicksucker 064: Samantha Sinn
Dicksucker 064: Samantha Sinn @ TheDickSuckers.com
My brothas! Check out the newest super slut to TheDickSuckers.com — Samantha Sinn! Here’s a classic porn whore story: Samantha needed big-time cash to pay her rent, and the only day we could set up the scene in order for her to pay rent on time was right before a date she had with her boyfriend! So she shows up at our secret studio to blow 3 dudes with one rule – no cum on her face. She would swallow all three so her BF wouldn’t discover her slutty ways. Well, our first man hit the mark, and Samantha swallowed it all. Our second man was a little off, but not enough to bug her. Check out Creep #3, though! He unloads a juicy wad right across the face, and that sent Samantha ballistic! Through sobs in our bathroom, she did the best to scrub her cummy face clean so Boyfriend could land a smooch on her cheek and hopefully not find out the truth!!!
Dicksucker 064: Samantha SinnDicksucker 064: Samantha Sinn

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Oct 26

Gianna & KylieGianna & Kylie
Gianna & Kylie @ ManoJob.com
The girls wanted me to write this, because right after both of them jerked their men off, they were off…to the nightclub to go dancing! Anyway, there’s nothing better than a double guy jerk session, and this update features super-hottie Gianna and her pal Kylie jerking off two of the biggest dongs you’ve seen in your life. Both girls talk like filthy tramps as they milk their cocks dry. Kylie takes her load directly into her mouth — and then she swallows. Gianna jerks her man until he sprays her gigantic tits down with sperm. What a scene!

Gianna & KylieGianna & Kylie

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Oct 25

Veronica Jett
Veronica Jett @ ManoJob.com
My name is Veronica Jett and I’m this week’s Mano Job update. I’m 22 and I’m from Brownsville, Texas. I got hired to jerk a guy until he shoots his load. They chose to have him shoot it all over my face. He did that, and more. I also talk dirty throughout this video while the guy kept his mouth shut. I guess they do this for almost all the scenes on the site. That’s a good idea. I mean I don’t wanna hear a guy talk. I’d rather talk dirty to you! I know you’ll like my scene. Besos y abrazos! XXX OOO Veronica

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Oct 24

Jacky Joy Once MoreJacky Joy Once More
Jacky Joy Once More @ ManoJob.com
Heya Guys! I’m back!! I’m Jacky Joy, and I did a Manojob about 6 months ago. Maybe more. Do you like my new hair color? Anyways, last time I was here I jerked a huge dick until it coated my boobies with sperm. Today I’m back for more. Much more! What is it about Manojob and huge dicks?! I mean I thought the last one I jerked was big! My goodness! This dick is like the biggest one I’ve ever seen! Big and black!! I do my best to talk dirty to you while I stroke it off. I guess I did a good job, cause at the end, while he was standing over me and I was stoking, he shot a giant wad all over my face, shoulders, hair, tits, and legs! OMG!! It was a crazy load! HAHAHA. I’m sure it’ll get you off watching him get off all over me. XOXO Jacky
Jacky Joy Once MoreJacky Joy Once More

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