Sep 30

Tricia ReyTricia Rey
Tricia Rey @
Well Boys, I’m Tricia Rey, and this week I jerk 2 guys off for What a cool scene. It starts with me and my vibrator. I work my tight pink hole and then a guy walks up with a huge schlong and I go to town on him. I also use my vibrator on his balls, which was a good thing, cause he came in about 2 minutes. Right in my hands. After I play with his spunk, I go back at it with my vibrating egg. I shove it right up my snatch and get off…and then another huge schlong is in my face, so I jack that one off, too. It was HUGE! And he busted a nut all over me. It was so sweet. I know you’re gonna like it…so what are you waiting for? CHECK ME OUT NOW! 🙂 XOXOX – Trish
Tricia ReyTricia Rey

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Sep 29

Dick Sucker 032: Brooke Boxwood
Dick Sucker 032: Brooke Boxwood @
Brooke Boxwood is a true first-time dick sucker. It shows in her scene. See…she needed to make a quick buck behind her boyfriend’s back, and that’s exactly what she does here…by blowing a dude she met only moments earlier. Ah! Aren’t girls charming? Tell the boyfriend you’re going out for groceries, and go blow some dude instead. Classic. And Brooke does exactly that…blows our man till he coats her face and neck with his sticky man-goo. The only thing that’s left for Brooke is to go home to her boyfriend, some groceries in her arm, and a big sloppy kiss just for him.

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Sep 29

Avy Lee Roth
Avy Lee Roth @
Hola Amigos! I am Avy Lee Roth, and I love two things very, very much…handjobs and heavy metal music! I got my name after one of my favorite heavy metal singers, and watch me jerk this enourmous black dick for Mano Job! It’s such a cool site. I know you will like it. This dick is about the biggest I’ve ever had the pleasure to stroke, and you should see what happens at the end. Dios Mio! What a hose down. Lots of man leche all over mis chi-chi’s. I know you will like it all very very much! Muchas gracias!

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Sep 28

Kitty LangdonKitty Langdon
Kitty Langdon @
Some call me a MILF, some call me Kitty Langdon, but today you can call me the newest update for! Hiya guys! I’m your typical SUV drivin’, ballet lesson takin’, soccer mom…that’s got a very, very naughty side. For example, Hubby loves to watch me fuck random men we pick up at bars. He loves watching me in pornos like these, too!! I’m serious. Today, I show off the brand new ManoJob studio! I take you BTS, as they call it, and you see things people usually don’t see in dirty movies. There was a PA cleaning up, so sure enough the Mano Boys had me jerk him right where he was working! HAHA. It was a blast. And speaking of blasts, wait till you see what he did to my over-sized milkers! Yummy!!
Kitty LangdonKitty Langdon

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Sep 27

Naudia Nyce
Naudia Nyce @
I’m Naudia Nyce, and this week I came to the ManoJob studio to jerk a dick. I love jerking off a guy. It’s one of my very favorite things to do. I really don’t know what else to say, except I was kinda naughty in this scene. I was naughty cause I slipped that dick in my mouth a few times, even though I was only paid to give a handie. This dude fed me lunch, too…with his big pop shot all over my lovely hands. I lapped it up and swallowed it all down. Yum. XOXO – Naudia

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Sep 26

Barbie CummingsBarbie Cummings
Barbie Cummings @
I’m Barbie Cummings, and I’m a filthy handjob whore. Don’t believe me? Look what I do for my return to The first time I was here I jacked off a dude with Cherry Poppens, and this time I fly solo, right into a dirty, gross adult bookstore, and I jack off a total stranger in one of those movie booths. Is that filthy enough for you? I wasn’t raised this way, trust me. But somewhere along the line I turned into a super slut. I jacked a guy off at a porno shop. It doesn’t get any sluttier than that. I thought for sure I’d get caught. I didn’t. And the stranger blew one of the biggest loads I’ve ever seen. My tits were so messy after this scene you won’t believe your eyes. Don’t believe me? Just look at my creamy juggs at the end of this scene. Bye!
Barbie CummingsBarbie Cummings

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Sep 26

Dick Sucker 024: JenniDick Sucker 024: Jenni
Dick Sucker 024: Jenni @
DickSucker 24. Jenni. Jenni is cute. Damn cute. She’s a barely-legal, too…just turning 18 recently. March. That’s right, not too long ago. She answered our ad wearing a very casual outfit – short shorts and a pink top with some flip-flops. And what an ass in those Daisy-Dukes!! She wastes litte time getting the ball rolling – so to speak – and minutes after we wrap the interview, she’s sucking our man off in the bathroom. Watch as Jenni drops right to her knees and opens wide. I mean, honestly…where do these silly teens learn this shit? And where were they when I was 18??!?!!? Jenni’s a real trooper….she doesn’t complain about her knees once. In fact, Teen Jenni doesn’t say much at all…she just does what she’s being paid to do: going to town on big dick. What’s funny is at the end, our man Joe-Joe, worried about any possible reprocussions, begs Teen Jenni not to tell her BF where all the green just came from…that’s right after she’s done wiping the white off her face, chest, and clothes!
Dick Sucker 024: JenniDick Sucker 024: Jenni

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Sep 25

Amber Rayne
Amber Rayne @
Well, my name is Amber Rayne, and I’m here today to give you a handjob! If you know who I am, you know I do lots of nasty things on film, and you know I love every second of it. I mean I love it all…including stroking a man until he blasts all over the place. That’s what I do on ManoJob. I stroke a fat cock until it creams the inside of my mouth and drips down to my tonsils. Then, I swallow the sweet, sticky mess. But not before I gargle on it. See? I love it nasty. Cause that’s the kind of whore I am.

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Sep 24

Kaiya LynnKaiya Lynn
Kaiya Lynn @
Hiya! I’m Kaiya Lynn. I’m the newest girl to join the Manojob team! I’m Japanese. I’m no teenager, either! I hope you don’t mind. Today I stroke an enourmous dick. I’m serious when I say that. It’s like 11 inches long or something. It’s so nice, too. I love it!! I really loved taking his big load all over my titties. It was a big load, and it turned me on so much knowing that I was resposible for his orgasm. I hope you like my scene, too. Well, I don’t know what else to say. I really don’t 🙂 XOXO – Kaiya
Kaiya LynnKaiya Lynn

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Sep 23

Dick Sucker 022: Smokey
Dick Sucker 022: Smokey @
Smokie is the latest of a seemingly-endless stream of tarts that find it necessary to pierce their tounge…and we have to admit we love it! Ever have a teen hottie smoke your cigar with a tounge ring? Honestly, it’s pretty amazing…in fact, if you’re married — or have that special someone in your life — we’d have to fully reccommend she get her’s pierced immediately! The way to runs up and down your shaft…the way to rims your head…it’ll make you go BLAST right away…in fact, that’s why this scene is kinda short. Our man fills Smokie’s cheeks with jizz, and that’s a good thing, damnit.

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