Apr 05

Dick Sucker 101: Trisha Rey
Dick Sucker 101: Trisha Rey @ TheDickSuckers.com
Trisha Rey is one of the best dick suckers in the business. That’s why we hired her! From one-on-one BJ scenes to 50 man bukakkes, Trisha’s done it all. We’ve had her visit our sister site — ManoJob.com — and when we told her there was a job opening at The Dick Suckers, she jumped all over it. Just like she jumps all over our stunt cock, Mike Hash. Besides having a 9 inch dong, Mr. Hash is known for his explosive pop shots…and trust me when I tell you he didn’t disappoint us today. After blowing his XXXL dick for about 12 minutes in all ways possible, Trisha drops to her knees and takes a gallon’s worth of nut juice all over her cute face. Drenched. Soaked. White Washed. Just three words/phrases that come to mind after Trisha’s done with this week’s update. Enjoy my brothas!!

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Apr 04

Dick Sucker 100: Jaelyn Fox
Dick Sucker 100: Jaelyn Fox @ TheDickSuckers.com
We’ve broken into the triple digits, and we did it with one of the best: Jaelyn Fox. Miss Fox is a super horny 19 year old who loves sex. She’s a super slut, and we all know how much the members of The Dick Suckers love sluts. Jaelyn’s the Real Deal. There’s no acting here. No faking orgasms. No dodging sperm. No faking enthusiasm. You know they’re the Real Deal when they’re rubbing their cunts while blowing cock until a shuddering orgasm, and the director didn’t have to ask them to do it. You know they’re the Real Deal when they deep throat 9 1/2 inches, and the director didn’t have to ask them to do it. You know they’re the Real Deal when they beg for the load, and the director didn’t have to ask them to do it. We didn’t have to ask Jaelyn Fox to do any of it…it all came natural to her. We just stood back and let the camera roll. Jaelyn Fox is The Real Deal. And she’s the 100th dick sucker in the member’s area…we can’t wait to get to 200 now!

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Apr 03

Dick Sucker 99: Jessica Valentino
Dick Sucker 99: Jessica Valentino @ TheDickSuckers.com
Damn I love everything about Jessica Valentino: her cute, girl-next-door look, her tight, barely-legal body, and the fact that she absolutely loves to blow a stranger’s cock, as evident with this week’s update for The Dick Suckers.com! We don’t fuck around in this scene. Jessica introduced herself and gets down to business. First, the strip tease, which really isn’t much of a tease, cause Jessica gets out of her clothes right away. She does this cause she loves to suck dick so much she can’t wait to play with herself, which is the second part of this hot video. After that, it’s time to open wide and take what the hired Stunt Cock gives her, which is about 8 inches of man meat. Jessica proceeds to use her mouth for the sole purpose of coaxing the cum from Stunt Cock’s balls, which she does with ease. She does such an overwhelming job that our Stunt Cock unloads with a mighty pop! If you’re into The Money Shot — which we’re all about here at The Dick Suckers — sit back and watch Barely-Legal Jessica Valentino as her face turns into a cum-coated mess!

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Apr 02

Dick Sucker 98: Dianna Doll
Dick Sucker 98: Dianna Doll @ TheDickSuckers.com
I just got a call from my pal the other day. He lives in Prague. That’s in Czechoslovakia. He brags to me all the time about how hot the Slovak girls are, and how slutty they are, and how they’ll blow him for a drink — or a sawski — and all I though was damn! A drink or five bucks? Well…5 US dollars. Anyway, I wouldn’t believe him if it wasn’t for Duck Sucker number 98, Dianna Doll. She’s Slovakian. She’s a slut. And she confirmed everything my pal told me about Slovakian sluts. Damnit, Dianna Doll is such a piece of ass I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. That ass. Those tits. That mouth. My goodness. She’s an eager beaver, too…she wants to please her man with whatever it takes. Watch this week’s update as she opens wide for our stunt cock and takes everything he can dish out…included another superb Money Shot. Here at The Dick Suckers, we’re all about The Money Shot, cause that’s how we roll.

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Apr 01

Dick Sucker 97: Kelli Kallen
Dick Sucker 97: Kelli Kallen @ TheDickSuckers.com
Ever hear of Kelli Kallen? Well, probably not, unless you already a member of The Dick Suckers, (cause you get Manojob.com) and Kelli Kallen recently worked a load for that site. The reason I bring this all up is you’re probably never gonna see her again. As of now, she’s quit the Adult Entertainment Industry, and that makes us all very sad. You see Kelli’s one hot amateur piece of ass, and today she blows an over-sized dick until it makes spewey all over her beautiful face. She took the load like a champ, too. Most newbies are apt at "the cum dodge", but not our pretty Kelli. With chin up, and mouth open, our stunt cock blasts about a gallon of goo directly in and around her pie hole. Just don’t go looking for her on other sites…cause she’s tossed in the porno towel. 🙁

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