Feb 29

Dicksucker 066: Kitty
Dicksucker 066: Kitty @ TheDickSuckers.com
Kitty is our newest Dicksucker. She’s a little Asian girl with a big wet mouth and a bigger, wet pussy. Today she talks like a filthy whore directly to you while she sucks a stranger’s dick. She met the guy only minutes before walking on set. Wait till you hear some of her dicksucking stories! Amazing…really. I mean where were these girls when I was growing up?! Watch Kitty blow this guy until he blows right on her face! If you’re into little Asian playtoys, you’re gonna have a blast with Kitty!

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Feb 28

Dicksucker 064: Samantha Sinn
Dicksucker 064: Samantha Sinn @ TheDickSuckers.com
My brothas! Check out the newest super slut to TheDickSuckers.com — Samantha Sinn! Here’s a classic porn whore story: Samantha needed big-time cash to pay her rent, and the only day we could set up the scene in order for her to pay rent on time was right before a date she had with her boyfriend! So she shows up at our secret studio to blow 3 dudes with one rule – no cum on her face. She would swallow all three so her BF wouldn’t discover her slutty ways. Well, our first man hit the mark, and Samantha swallowed it all. Our second man was a little off, but not enough to bug her. Check out Creep #3, though! He unloads a juicy wad right across the face, and that sent Samantha ballistic! Through sobs in our bathroom, she did the best to scrub her cummy face clean so Boyfriend could land a smooch on her cheek and hopefully not find out the truth!!!

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Feb 27

Another Dicksucker: Emily Evermore
Another Dicksucker: Emily Evermore @ TheDickSuckers.com
When dicksucker Emily Evermore showed up at our sister site ManoJob to jerk a dick, we had her stick around to suck one off. She loved it. Emily’s a dicksucker alright, and a dirty one at that. Look at the ho blow! Sloppy, drooly BJ’s are a speciality for Emily, as you’ll see here. And the gigantic load she takes to her pie-hole made her a happy, happy dicksucker.

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Feb 26

Dick Sucker 063: Keesha Knight
Dick Sucker 063: Keesha Knight @ TheDickSuckers.com
Heya Brothers! It’s not too often a total newb comes looking for work in our biz, so when a video virgin shows up, we get really excited. We get even more excited when they’re hot…so, eveyone jump for joy and say hello to Keesha Knight! Her very first handjob scene was shot for our sister site — Manojob — and afterwards, Keesha enjoyed herself so much she signed on for The Dick Suckers! Just a heads up: this is a totally amateur model sucking dick on camera for the very first time in her life, so we had to "coach" her, so to speak, in the Art of Porno Blowjobs. We talk her her about sloppy BJ’s, and spitting, and gagging, and we define terms for her, such as "skull fuck" and "the money shot". Thank goodness Keesha’s a good student! What do you think we should grade her? I’m saying A+!!

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Feb 25

Dick Sucker 062: Carmen Kinsely
Dick Sucker 062: Carmen Kinsely @ TheDickSuckers.com
Check out our newest dicksucker, my brothas! It’s super hottie Carmen Kinsley! She’s an all-natural, girl-next-door hottie, with big brown eyes and a mouth that can make your dick go spewy!! Today she sucks off a total stranger – a dude she knew for all of about 4 minutes. Our boy wanted his dick sucked – badly – and Carmen agreed. What she didn’t agree to was an all-out throat fucking, which is what our boy had in mind. Lots of gagging – and some time outs for Carmen – make this scene one of our favorites. Her face gets painted white, too, which is always a good thing, right?

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Feb 24

Dick Suckers 059 and 60: Julia Bond and Jayma Reid
Dick Suckers 059 and 60: Julia Bond and Jayma Reid @ TheDickSuckers.com
This weeks Dick Sucker isn’t one but two: Jayma Reed and Julia Bond. Who could ask for more? You may remember Jayma’s scene here…when Face Blaster lived up to his name by painting her face white. Julia Bond is a new cummer to The Dick Suckers, and we re glad to have her. Watch as these two high priced whores suck the cream out of lucky guy Johnny Fender. Jayma’s face gets painted once again, and Julia’s up to eating some of it right off her face…yum yum, Slutty!

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Feb 23

Dick Sucker 057: Jamie Elle
Dick Sucker 057: Jamie Elle @ TheDickSuckers.com
Jaime Elle…what a dick sucker. She’s a natural born dick sucker. Just look how she handles this 10 inch piece of dark meat. I mean she goes to town on it…but not before she shows us how soaking wet her panties are. They’re soaking wet from that pussy of her, cause whenever she thinks of sucking a dick, she drenches herself. You won’t believe how wet her pussy gets, or how sloppy her BJ gets, or how she plays with all this jizz in her mouth…before she gulps it down into her stomach. As Jamie says, "very very yummy!"

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Feb 22

Dick Sucker 056: Desire Moore
Dick Sucker 056: Desire Moore @ TheDickSuckers.com
Desire Moore is Dick Sucker 56, and we’re sure you’re gonna dig her. We sure did. What a whore. She readily admits to enjoying blowing a dude, and she especially likes it when she’s sucking a "stranger’s dick" at a bar, for instance. Look at her hooker outfit she wore for today’s scene! And guess what? One gigantic sperm blast wasn’t enough for Desire. True to her name, she wants more – and begs for it. One more load for Desire Moore, and sure enough, she loved every ounce.

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Feb 21

Dicksucker 55 :Tricia Marx
Dicksucker 55 :Tricia Marx @ TheDickSuckers.com
Everyone say hi to Dicksucker #55 – Tricia Marx. Tricia’s a Southern Belle, but boy, does she get dirty today. Filthy dirty. So dirty, in fact, it borders on appalling. See she takes on 2 dicks today – two dicks filled to the rim with man milk. After getting face fucked a whole bunch, these two dudes unload a rather obscene amount directly into her pie-hole. And her kisser. And her eyes, hair, face, neck, and tits. Like I said, brothas, they need a garden hose with a strong nozzle on it to hose the cum off poor Tricia before she grabbed her pay check for this scene. Amazing what these girls will do for money, ain’t it?

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Feb 20

Dick Sucker 054: Jayma Reed
Dick Sucker 054: Jayma Reed @ TheDickSuckers.com
Jayma Reed is our newest dick sucker, and what a dick sucker she is! Jayma’s brand-spankin’ new to the porno circuit, and who knows whether she’s gonna be around a week from now or not. These silly porno whores come and go like a merry-go-round. Jayma’s a hottie…a real girl-next-door type. Today the dick she sucks isn’t a very big one, but that’s ok. The pop shot makes up for any lack of size on the stunt cock. Go ahead – count them: 8, 9, 10 blasts of the warm sticky gooey stuff is unloaded on poor Jayma’s face, but why refer to her as "poor" Jayma? She loved every thick rope of cum our stunt cock could muster up.

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