Sep 26

Dick Sucker 024: JenniDick Sucker 024: Jenni
Dick Sucker 024: Jenni @
DickSucker 24. Jenni. Jenni is cute. Damn cute. She’s a barely-legal, too…just turning 18 recently. March. That’s right, not too long ago. She answered our ad wearing a very casual outfit – short shorts and a pink top with some flip-flops. And what an ass in those Daisy-Dukes!! She wastes litte time getting the ball rolling – so to speak – and minutes after we wrap the interview, she’s sucking our man off in the bathroom. Watch as Jenni drops right to her knees and opens wide. I mean, honestly…where do these silly teens learn this shit? And where were they when I was 18??!?!!? Jenni’s a real trooper….she doesn’t complain about her knees once. In fact, Teen Jenni doesn’t say much at all…she just does what she’s being paid to do: going to town on big dick. What’s funny is at the end, our man Joe-Joe, worried about any possible reprocussions, begs Teen Jenni not to tell her BF where all the green just came from…that’s right after she’s done wiping the white off her face, chest, and clothes!
Dick Sucker 024: JenniDick Sucker 024: Jenni

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