Mar 26

DickSucker 91: Leah Livingston
DickSucker 91: Leah Livingston @
I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something really hot about our ninety-first dicksucker, Leigh Livingston. You know the old cliche — she’s the "girl next door". Well, she is…and she’s totally natural, and she’s got full D fun-bags, and she loves to suck dick, as well as have a large load dumped on her cute face. We let her do all the talking today, so sit back, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the show. First, she’ll introduce herself. Then, she’ll nude-up. Then, she’ll pull out her favorite toy — the magic wand — and make her pussy cum. After that it’s straight to dick! This scene turned out to be a doozie. Wait till you see our stunt cock‘s XXXL load coat her beautiful face!

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Mar 25

DickSucker 90: Madison Scott
DickSucker 90: Madison Scott @
Tell the truth — you’ve got a thing for cheerleaders. I mean really…who doesn’t? I bring this up only because this week’s update — Miss Madison Scott — used to be one. She’s 18 now, and she was on last year’s cheer line. And the year before. And before…and so on. She brought her cheerleader shorts to set just to prove it. Then, she peels them off before dropping to her knees to become the ninetieth dick sucker for the site. And what a dicksucker she is! Right after her dicksucker cheer, she takes Johnny Fender’s fat dick in her mouth. She sucks and sucks and sucks until Fender’s heavy balls unload about a gallon of cum directly on to her cure teen face. If you’re a fan of The Money Shot, well, just check this one out. I’m sure it’ll get downloaded to your hard drive and put in one of your permanent folders…the ones that never get deleted.

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Mar 24

DickSucker 89: Roxy DeVille
DickSucker 89: Roxy DeVille @
Holy Smokes get a load of super-duper Dokken fan Roxy DeVille! Just how much of a Dokken fan is she? Just about as big of a duck sucking fan!! Why? Well, just listen to her story: she’s at a Dokken show when she spies a dude sporting a nifty concert tee, so what’s she do in order to get it? Do I even have to say? Let’s put it this way — she’s on her knees in the men’s room working for that Dokken shirt in a way that would make our hero Don Dokken proud! Kinda like today’s scene! She swallows about 9 inches of man meat before our stunt cock takes a few steps back and unloads about a gallon and a half of sperm right into that cute face of hers! What a load dump! Enough to take Miss DeVille’s breath away! Later, while in the shower, she’s overheard calling the load "stupid" in size. Which is just what our members come to expect — stupid sized loads all over our whore’s faces!

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Mar 23

DickSucker 88: Victoria Vonn
DickSucker 88: Victoria Vonn @
The girls who do this sort of thing don’t get much cuter. The tits don’t get any better. She’s an amateur to boot. Everyone greet Dick Sucker 88 with open arms! Her name? Victoria Vonn. Her game? Quitting the porno game before she really got going. Our luck? HUGE, cause we nabbed her before she threw in the towel. Her double D’s are all natural, and her mouth is very soft, and her dirty talk is dirty…no, filthy, cause she’s the Girl Next Door and she’s the one you’d *never* imagine doing this sort of thing, and that makes her scene even hotter. She was shy, but that’s how we like them, and she took the load across her cute face like any good dick sucker would. Her name? Victoria Vonn. Her game? Getting you off. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she comes out of retirement someday soon.

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Mar 22

DickSucker 87: Kissy Kapri
DickSucker 87: Kissy Kapri @
Billy Watson, the dude who writes the super-popular blog called I Shoot Porn, is also our director/cameraman. He gets zillions of e-mails monthly from dudes all over the world who want to become porn stars. They want to be the next Peter North, or John Holmes, or…whoever. Well, one of the "secret" ways for a dude to get into the porn game is to have a friend who’s already in. Even if it’s a porn starlet. Enter Kissy Kapri and her pal, who wanted very desperately to get into the game. So, after her scene for us (she was Dick Sucker #78) she whispered into Billy’s ear "keep the cameras rolling" and pulled her man into the shower, where she proceeded to suck and fuck him. Her hopes? To impress Billy enough to hire him. Does it work? Well, he’s hasn’t booked him yet, but what you get is a special treat: an almost "BTS" (behind the scenes) look at when something totally spontaneous and unscripted goes down in a Porno Land. Even though she fucked him, and this is a blowjob site, well…we thought you wouldn’t mind. Or, think of it this way: Kissy’s second appearance for The Dick Suckers is like a fine wine, a 7 course meal, or…eating some really good pussy. Enjoy my brothers!

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Mar 21

DickSucker 86: Maya Hills
DickSucker 86: Maya Hills @
Maya Hills has one of the greatest asses working the porno circuit right now. I shit you not. She also talks The Talk, and walks The Walk. Which is to say she’s bad to the bone. 100% genuine. The Real McCoy. You might want to watch her Manojob before you check this scene out…that is, if you already haven’t. She’s that good. And today? Well, she’s a Dick Sucker, and it doesn’t get much better than this. Her big brown eyes will look you right in the eye, and she’ll talk directly to you while she’s sucking dick, and wait til you see today’s pop shot. The Money Shot. The Facial. The Cum Shot. Stream 1 flies over her head and lands on directly on her ass. It’s all a blur after that, as rope after rope of cum flies into her pretty face, turning it into a train wreck. Or a face full of cum, depending on how you want to look at it.

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Mar 20

DickSucker 85: Jenni Lee
DickSucker 85: Jenni Lee @
She was our 76th dick sucker, and now she’s back! We received so many positive e-mails on Jenni’s first scene, we brought her back for more. This time, it’s a little POV action, and she’s the only one talking today! So sit back, relax, and enjoy your blowjob from Jenni Lee! She’ll look directly into your eyes as she’s sucking your dick and talk dirty to you! Talk about phone sex times 10,000!! You’re gonna love this! Jenni uses her mouth to work a king size load out of your balls, and she sucks it all out and shows it to you as it drips slowly out of her beautiful mouth! Talk about a dick sucker!!!

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Mar 19

DickSucker 84: Jaylynn Sinz
DickSucker 84: Jaylynn Sinz @
My Brothas! Welcome back!! And just as importantly, please welcome back the girl we think is one of the undiscovered gems in the porno game today — Miss Jaylynn Sinz. You probably remember her from a few weeks ago, when she took on 2 cocks in a Vegas hotel room while a crowd on lookers enjoyed the show. Well, that was such a popular update we brought her back again…this time in TheDickSuckers/Manojob studios, where she sucked off our Number 1 Stunt Cock, Johnny Fender. Another superb show! Johnny unloads another one of his gianormous loads, whitewashing her face something silly. Then what? Well…use you password to log into Manojob to see what happens next. Trust me, it’s filthy.

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Mar 18

DickSucker 83: Summer Verano
DickSucker 83: Summer Verano @
Everyone check out newbie dicksucker Summer Verano. Summer’s from Florida, and this is only her second scene ever in the biz! We thought she had a super cute look, and besides that, she’s barely-legal! So we bring in a veteran cocksman who fucks Summer’s cute mouth for about 15 minutes before blowing what could be the biggest load ever captured on the site…and if you know The Dick Suckers, you know that’s saying a lot. All of the dudes we hire have heavy balls, and that’s why we hire them: they’re full off cum, and they hose our Dick Suckers down each and every time. We know you’re gonna love Summer Verano!

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Mar 17

DickSucker 82: Aiden Starr
DickSucker 82: Aiden Starr @
When Aiden Starr popped in to shoot a handjob scene for our sister site,, we were so impressed with her work that we immediately brought her back to suck a big, black dick. It’s cool that she lives so close to the Manojob studios…bringing her back is a breeze! And wait till you see what happens this week!! I mean this brotha’s dick is enormous! And Aiden’s eyes lit up when we told her she’d be blowing a black dick. You’re gonna love this week’s update. Aiden takes all 9 girthy inches of dark meat the best she can, and when this cat unloads his balls directly into her mouth, well…you’ll see. Chalk up another winning scene to Miss Aiden Starr!

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