Sep 14

Dick Sucker 010: MissyDick Sucker 010: Missy
Dick Sucker 010: Missy @
She’s baaaack! Missy clocks in as DickSucker number 10 this week, and we’re happy to have her back. There’s nothing like a cute blonde on her knees, ready to catch some baby-batter to the kisser, and Missy doesn’t disappoint. From start to finish she’s a true champ, and her performance here lacks almost nothing: energy, tits, deep-throating, and that extended tounge to make sure all the white goop lands squarely in her eager mouth. She asks straight up "would you like me to make you cum?" right after our man Joe-Joe finsihes up twirling on her clit through those hot pink panties she wore. Look at her when it’s all said-and-done: a sticky chin, with cum drippings all over her chest and legs…everyone high five Joe-Joe!
Dick Sucker 010: MissyDick Sucker 010: Missy

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