Sep 20

Dick Sucker 021: HennesseyDick Sucker 021: Hennessey
Dick Sucker 021: Hennessey @
Hennessey is pissed, no doubt about it. She’s pissed cause she can’t control her spending habits. She’s pissed cause her car’s in near-repo status. She’s pissed cause her man sleeps till noon, then gets up, puts on a Led Zep CD, and smokes bowls all day long. So what’s a girl to do? Make $7 an hour hustling tables at the local greasy spoon? No no…she answers our ad, and soon, while her BF think’s she’s on a "job interview" she is, in reality, showing off her sloppy dick sucking skills. And skills she has. She didn’t stay long, didn’t say much…and even though she was pretty upset throughout her scene, she did manage to coax a pretty big load outta our man, and, well, at least she made her car payment…and had a little extra left over to score a dime bag for her man, too.
Dick Sucker 021: HennesseyDick Sucker 021: Hennessey

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