Nov 01

DickSucker 067: Kinzy JoDickSucker 067: Kinzy Jo
DickSucker 067: Kinzy Jo @
Heya Brothas! Wait till you see this week’s dicksucker — Kinzy Jo! See, Kinzy had just wrapped a scene for our sister site,, and went back into make-up and came out ready to blow a whole army of dudes! We offered her 4, all of various colors: white, yellow, black…see, to Kinzy that sort of shit doesn’t matter. What matters is dick in her mouth…and boy, did she get it! Watch as Kinzy takes on 4 dudes, and then they turn her cute teen face into a jizz target. By the end of this one Kinzy’s an absolute fucking filthy cummmy mess…and what do we do to her? Do you think we let her wipe the cum off her face?! No sir! How about subject her to an interview as the cum dries! You’ll love to hear what makes this porn whore tick! Enjoy!!!
DickSucker 067: Kinzy JoDickSucker 067: Kinzy Jo

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